And I was doing so well for awhile —

Y’all may have noticed a lack of updates, and it’ll probably be a week or two more before I get through the backlog.

If anyone “regular” is still out there, leave a comment.

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In Like A Lion

March is almost over, and there are well over 40 stories to tell — and I’m finally getting back to them! I’ve made the other “admin” entries private for now to make it easier to find the “new” entries.

Updated: 2006 is finally complete and I’ve started on January!

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Medicine Man

[I posted this back when it happened before I started to catch up on older sessions — The Author]

Buildup: The first week of the year (and especially the first week after vacation) is busy for everbody, and we were no exceptions. I had a couple late games this week and B was totally exhausted — the result was three nights off. On Saturday, however, not only were we due, but B wore one of my favorite tops all day — a cotton tie-dye thing that somehow clings to her breasts to make them look even sexier than if they were fully exposed.

We went to bed very early to try to catch up on our sleep (and more?) when B told me she felt a cold/flu coming on. I thought nothing of it until she asked for a backrub with the menthol massage bar because “we won’t be having sex later”.

We won’t?

Compassion won out over arousal — I knew that she was that tired. But damn, she looked good — still wearing the tie-dye and sorta matching striped boyshorts. I ran the bar slowly along B’s spine, waiting for the massage lotion to melt, then ran it over her back. Unlike my usual massage techniques, I was extremely careful to use only one hand (hope against hope — in case I needed the other later) and I also kept anything icy-hot safely to the outside of her panties. B was relaxed and I was turned on — I commented that she was a better person than I was to receive a backrub and not act aroused at all. B told me that she really didn’t feel well, and it was time to go to sleep.

I tried, and only occasionally laid my “good” hand on B’s thigh or the back of her panties. But if she could do it — so could I, and I drifted off to sleep. One time when I touched her, she moved her ankle to cross mine and I thought it was a hint — I had started to rub her ass when she woke and brushed my hand away.

Foreplay: I feel briefly asleep and woke — once more touching B’s thigh. She moved her ankle to cross mine again, only this time it was my ankle opposite hers, and she brought her leg all the way across me to reach it! She followed with her hips until she was laying on me at a slight diagonal — her head on her pillow but the rest of her in striking distance. I don’t know what she was dreaming or what had changed to make her feel better, but I was quick to take advantage. I pressed my “dry” hand on the front of her panties from beneath, and massaged her legs and ass with the hand from the massage bar. A quick probe found that she was wet — very wet.

Main Event: I pulled her panties to the side and eased my shaft out of the leg of my boxer shorts, rubbing my head against her lips to part them and lubricate me. B moved slightly to take me in — when we found the alignment, I pushed her hips down until I sank completely inside her. B’s head was still on her pillow next to mine, and we moved slowly at this new angle. Soon B switched to a fast pace and rocked quickly back and forth on my shaft. I grabbed the fabric of B’s panties in my hand and pulled it taut against her mound. I was a little softer than I wished (some combination of the massage bar and fear to touch her in the wrong place with the wrong hand, minimal foreplay, and the distraction of thrusting through two sets of underwear) but it didn’t stop me from coming hard as B rode me quickly and steadily.

Afterplay: B rose up off of me and lay to my side slightly — her right leg across the body pillow giving me some access beneath her. With my good hand, I went straight to her clit, using my other hand to pull on the fabric of her panties to add pressure on her hood. I risked the tip of my other pinkie to touch her lips and taint — occasionally plunging it in. Interestingly, the less I filled her (fortunately my pinky is quite a bit narrower than my dick) the more she had to squeeze to feel it, which moved her along quickly. She scooted further up the bed and I repositioned my finger on her clit while retreating the pinky to the edge of her lips. One more scoot and I pressed two fingers hard on her clit and sank my pinky inside to feel the contractions of her orgasm — she could not have slapped my hands away any faster when she was finished!

Afterglow: This time we both went to sleep and meant it.

Rating: ★★★

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Dirt-y Mind

Buildup: We decided to see if Courtney Cox’s new show Dirt to see if it was as “edgy” as previews claimed. Don’t know about edgy, but there was a fair amount of rear-entry sex and hair-pulling — however, we’d had a fair amount of rear-entry sex ourselves over the past few nights. B poured her sexy holiday drink, and I pondered a new position.

Foreplay: B lay next to me on the bed with her hand on my chest, while I rubbed the side of her breast through her nightshirt. She shifted her head down to lick the nipple closest to her, then proceeded kissing down my belly — I cupped her ass cheek with my hand as her head approached my fly. She gave me a quick blowjob through my fly, using her fingers in a tight ring around the base like the last time (it had been a while!) Surprisingly, when she came back up from sucking me, she did not give me the traditional sloppy post-BJ kiss.

Main Event: B hiked up her nightshirt and lowered herself on my shaft. I lifted my hips up against B as she pushed down hard on me. I reached up and grabbed her breasts in both hands while she continued to press down. I got the hint — I moved my hands to her waist and slammed her straight down on my rod instead of the back-and-forth ride we usually share from that position, and kept slamming her down until I came.

Afterplay: B fell to my side but kept me inside her until I softened and slipped out. I cupped her ass with my hand until we both fell asleep. I woke a little bit later (with my hand still on her ass) and started to rub her until I felt goosebumps. My fingers drifted to teasing touches of her pussy, spreading our juices along her outer lips. When I started to stroke B’s taint, she clenched her legs before losing interest again.

I tried the “hook” maneuver but without touching B’s clit, then thrust two fingers inside her — that regained her interest. I added a third finger and plunged them in deep, and I could feel her squeeze her inner muscles against my invading hand. I added my thumb on her taint and my pinky on her wet clit — as I strummed my pinky across her clit, B clenched harder on my hand inside her. Finally I went for the big finish — pinky strumming regularly across her clit, 3 fingers pumping in and out of her pussy, and my thumb pressing into her pink rosebud. B came hard — all of her muscles throbbing — until she couldn’t stand the stimulation and pushed me away.

Afterglow: “I’m done — go away now.”

“Why do you keep touching me? I’m done!”

Rating: ★★★★

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Second Night

Buildup: B was tired/buzzed enough after the New Year’s Eve party last night that she didn’t recollect my attempts to finish her off. I promised during the day that I would reenact the previous night’s play for her. B came to bed in her satin pajamas with the tiny hole between her legs, carrying a delicious drink made with eggnog and butterscotch schnapps. We were both tired from the jet lag and the partying and were under the covers by 10:30. I gave B some pre-foreplay by rubbing her feet with lavender massage oil as we sipped her decadent concoction.

Foreplay: I switched off the lights and B lay on her back with her legs slightly spread. I started by rubbing her inner thighs, up to the smooth areas along edge of her landing strip. I applied teasing soft touches along her pussy through the silky fabric until my fingers found the small hole there. I reached one finger in to touch her outer lips pressed together, then parted them to feel her wetness inside. Another finger joined in, and I pressed two inside her cunt as my thumb brushed against her clit hood from outside her PJ bottoms. B squirmed under my strokes then rolled to the side — my hard-on was pressing against the back of B’s legs and she shifted her hips to try to feel me behind her. I released my prick from my own pajamas through the fly and poked into her pajamas from behind as B strained to get release from my fingers.

Main Event: I flipped B the rest of the way over to her front and worked my cock through the hole in her pants — it was a tight fit. Inspired, I ripped the hole open wider with my fingers and B gasped at the sound of the tearing fabric. With more room to move, I plunged into her from behind — me sticking out through the fly of my pajama bottoms. I reached under the waistband of her pants to stimulate her clit — the position was just like the night before, but with more juices to lubricate B’s clit. She pushed back against me — just like the night before — and I pulled her up to her hands and knees and banged her hard — just like the night before. The only difference was the absence of the slap-slap-slap of our thighs, muffled by the pants we were each still wearing! The explosion of my orgasm wasn’t muffled, though.

Afterplay: After I came, I quickly replaced my dick with my hand and hooked her from behind (through the larger opening in her pants) — thumb in and finger on clit. It didn’t take long — she was ready and juicy and her clit was a little marble under my fingers. I pressed rather than strummed until she came, then strummed tightly as her spasms subsided.

Afterglow: I remarked that this was probably literally the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

After-afterplay: We slept a little, then started playing again. I pulled B’s waistband down to her thighs — the only time all night that either of our pants came off — to find her clit still as hard and round as a marble. (It’s rare that B can take being rubbed twice in the same session.) I touched her with a spread hook — two fingers on her clit and my thumb reaching all the way to her taint, with no penetration, and the second time was also the charm.

After-afterglow: Restless sleep for both.

Rating: ★★★★

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Ring In The New

Buildup: The New Year’s Eve party was a hit, and although I felt vaguely anti-social, B was in rare form — particularly with respect to public displays of affection. She was kissing me, squeezing my ass, straddling me in my chair and dancing sexily with her girlfriends, shaking her hips in time with the tunes.

Foreplay: Two-drink limit be damned — I was ready to play when we finally made it home around 2 am. B changed from her party dress to her sexy hippy chick tank top and tie-dye panties. I crawled into bed naked to join her and immediately started pawing at her torso and legs. Ducking under the covers, I started to kiss, lick and bite the exposed flesh of her ass cheeks and the backs of her thighs. I reached under her panties to play with her buns, then with my left hand reached beneath her to grab her vulva through the cotton of her panties. I pulled off her panties and stretched back up again — straining to press my erection into her back — and felt up her tits underneath the flimsy cotton shirt. B started flailing with her ankle to try to catch mine and pull me on top of her. Instead, I used my hand to press my thumb into her sopping pussy and my fingers to tease her firm clit. My attention brought lots of gasps and deep sighs, but it wasn’t time yet.

Main Event: B had already scooted partway up on her knees to let my fingers in, and now she pulled all the way up to invite me to take her from behind. I obliged with a half-straddle — one leg between hers and the other to the outside — and B moaned “Oh God” as I slid inside her. I kept a finger working hard on her clit while I moved slowly in and out, then switched position to a full straddle so B could squeeze her thighs tightly against my thrusts. B moved her hand on top of mine playing with her clit — turned on, I asked her to “show me how” to touch her. Once she pressed my hand hard into her soft folds, I slipped my hand out to let her touch herself, and instead reached forward to cup her tits in my palms. B got up to her elbows to let me feel her up and pinch her nipples. I stopped pumping and held still inside her, but B pushed back urgently with her hips, showing me her rhythm. I matched her in time, stroking deeply, then stopped again at full depth and returned my fingers to her clit. B sighed, then whimpered — wanting to be reamed. I reared back and started pounding full force into her pussy from behind — grabbing her thighs and slamming them back into mine to compound the depth and hearing a satisfying slap-slap-slap as I came closer and closer to exploding. B felt me swell and squeezed down on my shaft with her strong inner muscles (even more impressive from her position high on her hands and knees!) I came as hard as any other time in 2007. 🙂

Afterplay: B had had a mini-orgasm while we fucked, but I wanted her to feel the full thing and I tried every hook combination of fingers, thumbs and orifices. Two fingers wide seemed to get her interested and she started clenching down on my penetration, but just as she got closer and holding to ride the wave, the hour and the alcohol overcame her and instead she fell asleep. I tried to re-arouse her — even crawling under the covers to lick her taint from behind — but nothing got a reaction. She was done for the night, and I gave up as she started to snore.

Afterglow: Drunken, tired sleep. Happy New Year!

Rating: ★★★★★

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Ring Out The Old

Buildup: In years past, B and I didn’t bother going out to parties for New Year’s Eve, and I took special pleasure in going to bed around 11:30 and making sure that we were making love as the clock struck twelve (giving new meaning to the phrase “stroke of midnight”!) These days, we’re more social and had party plans. B was getting herself ready for dinner, and I watched her as she showered and shaved her underarms and legs. When she spread shaving gel at the edge of her pubic hair, I paid closer attention.

“If I squint, it looks like you’re touching yourself!” I commented.

“Why is that a turn-on?” B asked, and we talked through the shower door of what a powerful visual the look of a woman in the throes of her pleasure is to my libido.

Foreplay: I decided it was time for my shower, too. I stripped off my sweatshirt and jeans and joined B in the shower, asking her to soap my back. Between the conversation and the contact, I was instantly hard, and I turned toward B and held her close with my erect rod between our wet skin. “Mmmm,” she said, “Can you save that for later?”

His Turn: “Can you do both?” I asked — a stiff dick has no conscience! B squirted bath gel into her palms and worked up a lather that she used to lubricate her two-fisted grip on my shaft. I continuned to hold her close, kissing her mouth and reaching with one free hand to circle her nub as she rubbed me. The quicker she stroked, the more urgently my tongue thrashed with hers, until I leaned forward and buried my face in her neck. I moved my fingers from her slit and with both hands squeezed B’s ass — she spread her legs to give me access and I reached behind her to fondle her pussy. Just as she brought me to the point of no return, my standing-in-the-shower headache hit and I had to stop before I could return her favor — why does that happen so often? (The headache, not the lack of returning the favor, I hope.)

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Last Night in Paradise

Buildup: Our last night of vacation — once again, we over-indulged in food and drink at dinner. I was determined to have one last tropical romp, and when B came to bed in only panties, I was sure she felt the same way.

Foreplay: B fell back on the bed — her arms and legs spread in a sleepy, drunken, inviting way. I leaned in to lick each of her nipples in turn and she let out an audible moan. Encouraged, I started to rub her pussy lips through the lace of her panties, but she surprised me by asking:

“What are you doing?”

Main Event: I pulled her panties down her legs and off her ankles. I positioned myself between her spread thighs and as I entered her in a swift stroke, I answered:

“Making love to you.”

I guess the sounds she made as I tongued her nipples into stiff points were an indication that she had some idea what I was up to. The way she pulled her knees up and let me drive into her with drunken abandon tipped me off, too — and when she used her powerful Kegels to squeeze my rod inside her, she got me off as well.

Afterplay: Having learned my lesson the other night, I tried my hardest to make sure I could return the favor and make B come. I tried every combination of fingers and positions that I could, but while each new touch got an appreciative squirm, nothing led to the kind of rhythm that would finish her off.

I went to fetch something outside the room, and when I returned I decided that the final night deserved one more try. I slid two fingers into B’s still-slippery slit and spread them side by side, earning a welcome grunt from B in her sleep. Keeping her filled, I stroked her clit in a constant light motion — she was awake now. I hooked her with three fingers — my thumb between her labia as I rubbed her button with two fingers. With my left hand I spread her ass and let my other thumb rub her juices over her taint before plunging deep inside her. B was gasping and squirming now as I stroked her clit from side to side with two fingers. When I felt her about to come, I strummed her clit in double time and brought her to a double-strength orgasm.

Afterglow: We had nothing left — we fell asleep hard, our sweat-slick bodies cooling in the noisy hotel air conditioning.

Rating: ★★★

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[That was quite an appetizer, no? Over two months between entries! Hope you find this nourishing—]

Buildup: On the way to dinner, B and I discussed the legs-over-the-shoulder position we had just tried — I thought that the angle of penetration might have been better for her (it put some interesting pressure on me) but she confessed that she needs the contact as well as the penetration for it to be good for her. “Or is that too much information?” B asked.

I surreptitiously pulled her hand to the swelling in my pants. “No, that’s the perfect amount of information!”

There was powerful sexual tension during dinner — our dining companions knew exactly what we had been up to, and very shortly worked out that B had been left hanging. SwingersAfter dinner, we stopped at a poolside bar with swings(!) instead of bar stools. At one point in the evening, B was straddling me on the swing — a fun scenario, but maybe not so much with everyone else at the bar (we obviously weren’t so shy as to avoid getting our picture taken.)B was over the two-drink limit, but I could tell it wasn’t going to be a problem — especially when she pulled up her top to flash me as we walked back to our room.

Foreplay: Back in the room B changed from her tank top to a thin camisole, still wearing pink lace boyshorts, and lay back on the bed. I knelt between her legs and pulled her panties to the side so that I could lick her glistening pussy — she let out a moan. I lingered there with my tongue as she sighed, then I crawled up to give the same attention to her nipples. I grabbed the bottle of massage oil at the side of the bed and began to spread it over her chest, feeling her rock-hard nipples in contrast to her pillow-soft breasts. I straddled her waist and shifted my hips forward to bring my throbbing shaft between her cleavage — squeezing her boobs together and pinching her nips as I rode back and forth. I didn’t want to come on her neck (and leave her hanging again) so I frantically pulled off her panties.

Main Event: B threw her legs in the air around me as I started into a hard grinding missionary position — I was determined to give her contact and penetration! Her breath came in gasps as I pounded her into the bed, and I asked whether this was working for her. She shook her head and I asked, “What do you need?”

“Get behind me,” she growled.

I flipped her over and she got on hands and knees as I slid back between her folds and started fucking her doggy-style. After slamming into her for several strokes, I slowed my pace — keeping my hard shaft inside of her — and reached around to stroke her clit. B pushed back urgently against me, trying to take me deeper inside. I took the hint and resumed pounding, finishing yet again before she had come.

Afterplay: B rolled to her side and fell asleep, ignoring my initial probes with my fingers. Soon she awoke again and started clenching as I brushed against her clit. I used the thumb-in, fingers-strumming right hand hook, and all of the previous activity of the evening had her ready and working for her O. When I brought my left hand down her ass crack to tease her from behind, she exploded — throbbing and clenching on my fingers.

Afterglow: Sweaty and sated.

Rating: ★★★★★

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Buildup: We hadn’t had an opportunity to make love for a couple nights after our Christmas morning quickie, and after a sunny, hot afternoon of sightseeing we were both warmed up. B was wearing a simple black tank top that framed and displayed her boobs invitingly, and we each playfully felt the other up on our tour bus. We found ourselves with a little bit of extra time before our dinner reservations, so….

Foreplay: Back at the resort, B quickly took off the day’s clothes and lay on our hotel bed. Truthfully, I was not yet in the mood — thinking ahead to the night — but B was obviously ready, and as I looked at her displayed on the clean white sheets, showing an even-more-tightly shaved landing strip, I decided she looked good enough to eat.

I knelt between her parted legs and brought my face between them — starting by licking along the smooth skin just inside each of her thighs and releasing a hot breath over her pubic hair as I moved from one edge to the other. Next, I ran my tongue lightly along the edge of her outer labia, which were still pinched together — but not after the next stroke of my tongue, which parted her lips from bottom to top (back to front). I settled in to tease her clit with flat strokes of my tongue and brought two fingers between her legs to fill her as I licked. B was squirming under my attack, punctuated by electric jolts when my tongue found a particularly favorable angle. She tried to pull me up, but I held her hips down with my arms and tasted her a litle longer before climbing up.

Main Event: B’s legs were spread wide and I entered her in one wet thrust. We pulled a pillow under her ass and I pounded into her with her legs high in the air. Inspired, I took her ankles and lifted them over my shoulders — grasping her thighs and pulling her against me as we fucked from a steeper angle. It worked well for me and soon I exploded deep inside B’s pussy.

Afterplay: I knew B hadn’t come yet, so I immediately pulled out and returned my face between her legs to continue licking her. Again, she twitched as my tongue flicked her clit but a rhythm was eluding her. I switched to using my hand instead, and tried several combinations of fingers and positions to see if I could make her come as hard as I had.

Too late — B’s mind was already on our dinner reservations and whether our dining partners would notice that we were late. (I knew that they had already granted us extra time but B didn’t realize that.) I begrudgingly stopped my caresses and promised to finish what we started after dinner.

Afterglow: None. Time to catch up with our friends!

Rating: ★★★★

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