Medicine Man

[I posted this back when it happened before I started to catch up on older sessions — The Author]

Buildup: The first week of the year (and especially the first week after vacation) is busy for everbody, and we were no exceptions. I had a couple late games this week and B was totally exhausted — the result was three nights off. On Saturday, however, not only were we due, but B wore one of my favorite tops all day — a cotton tie-dye thing that somehow clings to her breasts to make them look even sexier than if they were fully exposed.

We went to bed very early to try to catch up on our sleep (and more?) when B told me she felt a cold/flu coming on. I thought nothing of it until she asked for a backrub with the menthol massage bar because “we won’t be having sex later”.

We won’t?

Compassion won out over arousal — I knew that she was that tired. But damn, she looked good — still wearing the tie-dye and sorta matching striped boyshorts. I ran the bar slowly along B’s spine, waiting for the massage lotion to melt, then ran it over her back. Unlike my usual massage techniques, I was extremely careful to use only one hand (hope against hope — in case I needed the other later) and I also kept anything icy-hot safely to the outside of her panties. B was relaxed and I was turned on — I commented that she was a better person than I was to receive a backrub and not act aroused at all. B told me that she really didn’t feel well, and it was time to go to sleep.

I tried, and only occasionally laid my “good” hand on B’s thigh or the back of her panties. But if she could do it — so could I, and I drifted off to sleep. One time when I touched her, she moved her ankle to cross mine and I thought it was a hint — I had started to rub her ass when she woke and brushed my hand away.

Foreplay: I feel briefly asleep and woke — once more touching B’s thigh. She moved her ankle to cross mine again, only this time it was my ankle opposite hers, and she brought her leg all the way across me to reach it! She followed with her hips until she was laying on me at a slight diagonal — her head on her pillow but the rest of her in striking distance. I don’t know what she was dreaming or what had changed to make her feel better, but I was quick to take advantage. I pressed my “dry” hand on the front of her panties from beneath, and massaged her legs and ass with the hand from the massage bar. A quick probe found that she was wet — very wet.

Main Event: I pulled her panties to the side and eased my shaft out of the leg of my boxer shorts, rubbing my head against her lips to part them and lubricate me. B moved slightly to take me in — when we found the alignment, I pushed her hips down until I sank completely inside her. B’s head was still on her pillow next to mine, and we moved slowly at this new angle. Soon B switched to a fast pace and rocked quickly back and forth on my shaft. I grabbed the fabric of B’s panties in my hand and pulled it taut against her mound. I was a little softer than I wished (some combination of the massage bar and fear to touch her in the wrong place with the wrong hand, minimal foreplay, and the distraction of thrusting through two sets of underwear) but it didn’t stop me from coming hard as B rode me quickly and steadily.

Afterplay: B rose up off of me and lay to my side slightly — her right leg across the body pillow giving me some access beneath her. With my good hand, I went straight to her clit, using my other hand to pull on the fabric of her panties to add pressure on her hood. I risked the tip of my other pinkie to touch her lips and taint — occasionally plunging it in. Interestingly, the less I filled her (fortunately my pinky is quite a bit narrower than my dick) the more she had to squeeze to feel it, which moved her along quickly. She scooted further up the bed and I repositioned my finger on her clit while retreating the pinky to the edge of her lips. One more scoot and I pressed two fingers hard on her clit and sank my pinky inside to feel the contractions of her orgasm — she could not have slapped my hands away any faster when she was finished!

Afterglow: This time we both went to sleep and meant it.

Rating: ★★★

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  1. love the way you write. it’s great seeing things from someone elses perspective like that.

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